Replicon is a science fiction convention that will be held at Culturen in Västerås, close to the city center, on June 14–16 2019. Replicon is Swecon 2019, the National Swedish SF convention in 2019.

Our Guests of Honor are the celebrated American authors Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz, and the old fans and swedish writers Gunilla Jonsson och Michael Petersén.

International members are most welcome and we are eager to meet you all. There will be an English-language program track running through all of the convention. Information in English will be available and the overwhelming majority of our gophers will speak good English.


Our aim is to make attending Replicon affordable for as many as possible, regardless of age, income, or background. Therefore we have three different levels of membership fees, and free membership for minors that preregister.

200 SEK
This membership fee only covers the expenses of the convention in part. Choose this category if your personal finances are constrained. For instance, if you are a student, unemployed, or if for some other reason you cannot afford the full fee. 

400 SEK
The standard fee covers the costs of the convention. This is the fee we expect most of the members to pay.

666 SEK
This membership fee covers the costs of the convention, and additionally makes it possible for more fans to join us at the discounted level. Please consider this level if you feel generous and can afford it.

(Those born in the years 2001–2006.)
Free if you preregister no later than May 30, 2019.

(Children born in 2007 or later.) 
Free entrance in the company of a paying member.

These membership fees are valid until May 30, 2019. On June 1, 2019, the Discounted, Standard, and Youth memberships go up to 500 SEK.

What will it cost at the door?
One day memberships can be bought at the door. Friday and Sunday cost 150 SEK, respectively, and Saturday costs 300 SEK.

IBAN: SE76 9500 0099 6018 0589 5271
You might also need:
Address of the bank:
Nordea, Smalandsgatan 17, SE-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden.
Address of the recipient:
Foreningen for Science Fiction-kongresser i Europa, c/o Tomas Cronholm, Rosjotorpsv 3, SE-192 51 Sollentuna, Sweden.

For other payment methods (e g PayPal), please contact

Registration: Membership registration form.

Information about accommodation can be found here.


Authors and other dealers who want to sell books at Replicon should contact Elin Holmerin (elin.holmerin at She will organize a shared bookshop with one pay desk. Only convention members may participate but there is no additional charge.

The dealer’s room will have a stage where there will be author interviews and readings.

Gophers wanted!

We need people who are willing to help with a lot of practical things like assisting speakers, manning the reception etc. This is a perfect way to meet fans and authors and develop an understanding for how a convention works. If you are interested, please contact Håkan Wester at kontakt (at)

Code of Conduct

An sf convention is meant to be enjoyable and safe for the members.

Discussions and conversations where opinions differ are a part of the convention but it is assumed that all members behave in a friendly way and with respect for each other.

Violence, threats, harassments and aggressive or inconsiderate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

The convention committee decides if a conduct is acceptable or not. If the conduct is deemed to be unacceptable, the committee may take measures ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from the convention without a refund of the membership fee.

Please contact a member of the committee if you or someone else is subjected to unacceptable behavior or if there is anything else that the committee should be aware of or should correct.

Use microphones when available. This is not optional.

For exhibitors and dealers

You participate in the convention on the same terms as all other participants.

You do not pay more for your participation, neither do you pay less.